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CSR and sustainability

Relacom performs installation and service on networks and equipment in four countries, and our employees carry out over one million assignments for our customers every year. We often constitute the link between operators, power companies, end users and suppliers. With this role, we also have an opportunity to influence processes so that they are sustainable for customers, employees, suppliers and the society at large.

It is a role that is closely linked to responsibility. How we design our processes, manage our production and create tools to meet customer demands affects our imprint. In order to take charge of this responsibility, we launched a long-term sustainability effort in 2011. We set goals for our commitment through our Sustainability Program and decided, at the same time, to update our Code of Conduct, sign the United Nations Global Compact and document our sustainability work through annual Sustainability Reports.

By demonstrating how we work with sustainability, we send an important signal to the market, our customers, suppliers and not least, to our employees. We want everybody that has a relationship with Relacom to be able to trust that we are performing our services with the highest competence and safety, and that we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment and climate. By having a long-term attitude and respect for our world, we want to create an attractive workplace, reduce our environmental load and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Sustainability Report 2015 (pdf)

Sustainability Report 2014 (pdf)

Sustainability Report 2013 (pdf) (This version covers our Swedish operations and is only available in Swedish).  

Sustainability Report 2012 (pdf)

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