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Corporate Governance

Relacom’s corporate governance principles guide us in creating structure, discipline and order in our objectives and thereby achieve our goals. The operative and industrial dimensions of our organization are the primary governing dimensions of the Group. The legal structure is implemented to comply with regulatory requirements and for legal and tax purposes.

The company’s shareholder meeting is the top legal entity of the Group. Decisions made by the shareholders are to be translated into directions, frameworks and targets by the board of directors and communicated to the Group management team.

The Group management team is to move the company in line with the directions and within the frameworks to meet the targets set by the board of directors. Below this level, the Group is managed by management committees and along solid reporting lines. To ensure responsible decision making, Relacom has developed the Group Authorization Schedule. The document defines levels of authority for key positions regarding the right of attestation and the right to make decisions on behalf of the company.

In addition, as employees of Relacom, we all have a responsibility to act in the best interest of the Group. An employee who is not sure whether a decision or an action is in the best interest of the Group shall always refer to his or her manager, a principle often referred to as the parent principle.