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Ellevio chooses Relacom in a new and expanded major agreement

2017-06-07 Relacom Sweden has signed a new and very comprehensive agreement with Ellevio, a leading electrical distribution network operator. The agreement is a significant expansion and broadening of Relacom’s previous commitment to Ellevio. Relacom will manage customer-oriented electricity metering and services for all Ellevio customers and will check the metering quality of Ellevio’s large, high-consumption customers.

The new contract is for three years but can be extended for another two years. It covers all of Ellevio’s network areas: Stockholm, Gävleborg, Dalarna, Bergslagen, Värmland, Skaraborg, Bohuslän and Halland.

Relacom has supplied metering services to Ellevio since 2011. As part of the new agreement, Relacom now is also responsible for metering quality among Ellevio’s important major customers with high electricity consumption, such as industries and major shopping centres. Relacom will be responsible in part for verifying that the metering values of large customers are correct and in part on rebuilding substandard metering systems.

Within the framework of Relacom’s long-standing cooperation with Ellevio, a digital solution has been developed for placing orders and other services. The solution permits significantly faster processing and a better overview of assignments, thereby also increasing benefits for Ellevio’s customers.

“Of course, it’s extremely gratifying that Ellevio has continued to show confidence in us and that the company also has allowed us to expand our commitment among its important major clients,” says Mats Giss, Power business area manager. “We’re looking forward to working with Ellevio to continuously develop the various services that we provide.”

For more information, please contact:
Mats Giss, Power Business Area Manager, Relacom, +46 (0)70-591 07 91
Karl-Göran Svensson, Managing Director, Relacom AB, +46 (0)8-553 900 00