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The Power market ecosystem is evolving rapidly, driven by increasing supply security demands, distributed and renewable energy production, technology development and increasing customer dynamics. Relacom is well positioned to offer market-leading maintenance, upgrade and construction services for future power systems, as turnkey solutions.

The company provides distribution network planning and design, construction, maintenance, issue management, after-sales service and all-important end-customer interaction. We also have wide experience from managing large-scale smart meter projects including installation and maintenance and energy meter value management.

In recent years, Relacom has invested in the rapidly growing market for Smart Grids, electric vehicle charging and green energy production, such as wind power and solar cell technology.

Combined with expertise from Orbion Consulting, Relacom can provide a unique, integrated value proposition for our customers. The power companies can capitalize on our experience and knowledge of best practices from other industries. All in all, our focus is to provide services and competence that create real value for our customers’ businesses.

The fast growing market requires major investments in power and energy infrastructure. As an alternative to establishing in-house resources, several power companies and network owners are utilizing service providers to manage non-core business and processes. With Relacom’s strong construction operations and recognized models for production management and efficiency, power companies can feel confident that our deliveries will strengthen their business.

Systematic Work Environment

In 2015 we decided that all countries should work according to OHSAS18001.

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Renewable Energy For the Future

We’re actively developing and implementing solutions to improve energy efficiency.

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We Provide Safe Electricity

Relacom helps its customers by providing services for stand-by and fault repair.

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The Importance of Customer Interface

Relacom’s core competence lies in operations conducted near the end user interface.

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Final Stage: “Veins of Power Grid”

Local distribution networks are the final stage in the delivery of electricity to end users, or “veins of power grid”.

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Our Environmental Impact

We take climate change seriously and work actively to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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We Support UN Global Compact

This commitment entails working in accordance with the UN’s ten fundamental principles.

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Sustainability Management

The Relacom Group shares a common set of core values, code of conduct and an anti-corruption policy.

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